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A few Great Fashion Magazine Covers of 2012 by Chris Kilkus

2013 is almost here, so I have been looking back at the past year’s highlights in the fashion world and thought I would share my favorite fashion magazine covers from 2012.  The industry is still dominated by the celebrity cover on fashion magazine phenomenom… okay, I understand this sells magazines on the newsstand, but it also makes the covers look generic and too similar.  The fact is, photographers and the creatives just aren’t allowed to push things to far creatively when they are working with a celebrity.  The one exception seems to be Interview Magazine.  They always seem to take a celebrity out of their P.R. comfort zone and do some interesting photography.
Anyway, check out my list here and let me know what you think.  And tell me your favorite covers too, I’m sure I missed a lot! 🙂
About Christopher Kilkus Originally from San Francisco, Christopher Kilkus discovered his love of fashion and photography early in life through the influence of a successful fashion model, his mom. He pursued careers in bicycle racing and fashion model management before beginning his path to becoming a professional photographer. After starting out in San Francisco, he spent two years working throughout Asia, and 7 years in New York City, where he developed a reputation for excellent work with a great attitude. Christopher currently lives near the beach in Los Angeles, where he still manages to get in some cycling.